Dismantling ‘freedom convoy’ must be coupled with education on the dangers of extremism

The “freedom convoy” that has taken over downtown Ottawa and inspired other protests is a diverse group of people who have shown themselves not to be interested in “freedom,” “unity” or “vaccine mandates.” Over the past two weeks, the protest has caused un-freedom; it has allowed extremist groups to gain space, ushering in counter-protesters. Their […]

I do what I love-research, teaching, and advocacy

Research and advocacy are essential in the field of peace and justice in order to create change. Through research, individuals and organizations are able to learn about the root causes of conflict and violence and identify potential solutions. Advocacy allows individuals and groups to raise awareness about issues and mobilize others to take action. Peace […]

Knowing peoples matter

Networking is important in research and activism in the peace and justice field because it allows individuals and organizations to share information and resources, and to collaborate on projects and campaigns. Networking can help to build relationships and trust, and to create a sense of community and solidarity among individuals and groups working towards peace […]