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Is an educator and researcher in peace and conflict studies who has in-depth understanding of social conflict and its peaceful transformation. While serving in the UN peacekeeping operations in conflict zones, he earned experience in peacebuilding, mediation, and transformative dialogue in resolving inter-group conflict. He developed insights in conflict by studying social resistance, terrorism, and extremism in global and local contexts. He undertook several researches on community focused conflict intervention, refugee crisis, and youth extremism in western and non-western contexts. He is an adjunct Professor in University of Winnipeg (Pol Sc) and University of Manitoba (NRI). He leads two not for profit organizations in Winnipeg, MB, Canada.



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Mindful reading and deep thinking

In The Dawn of Everything, David Graeber and David Wengrow present a new history of humanity that challenges the traditional narrative. They argue that our speciess history is not one of gradual progression from ignorance to knowledge, but of fits and starts, with long periods of stasis punctuated by brief moments of radical transformation. The Dawn of Everything tells the story of humanity from its humble beginnings as a small group of Homo sapiens in Africa, to its presentday status as the dominant species on Earth. Along the way, the authors dispel some of the most persistent myths about our speciess history, including the idea that we are the product of a linear progression from savagery to civilization. Graeber and Wengrow instead paint a picture of a species that has always been capable of great creativity and innovation, but one that has also often been stymied by its own institutions and traditions. The Dawn of Everything is a timely and necessary corrective to the traditional view of human history, and an essential read for anyone interested in where we came from and where we might be going.


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What Others Say

Student-1 Political Science

Dr. Ahmed is one of my favorite professors at the university. His teaching style fosters class discussion and he generally wants to hear input from the students on topics that interest them within the study. Another key aspect he brings to his class is the emphasis on guest lectures. We were fortunate enough to hear from a variety of professionals who work in the fields related to deradicalization and national security among others. Every class is interesting and thought provoking topics are brought up which allows the class to engage in meaningful discussion. In terms of organization Dr. Ahmed is always prepared for every class and always provides clear expectations. Finally, he has a genuine enthusiasm for the topic and has a lot of practical knowledge in area gained from his personal research into the subject. I would definitely take another class with Dr. Ahmed and I hope he gets the opportunity to teach more classes that deal with global political topics next academic year

Dept Chair-Pol Sc Professor Dr. Joan Grace

Dr. Ahmed performed his duties as Instructor for Pol 3130 more than satisfactorily. Attached SET documents report exceptionally supportive and positive comments from students which included statements that Dr. Ahmed “engaged with his students and invites lots of discussion”, that his “depth of knowledge is exceptional”, that “lectures were interesting, enjoyable and engaging, and that the “course was “the best course I have experienced in my time of COVID-19”. Further evidence demonstrated competency and instructional excellence. Dr. Ahmed submitted to the DRC a detailed, comprehensive course outline which I am confident facilitated student success. In the course, Dr. Ahmed used a variety of evaluative techniques to build student skills sets (e.g., writing or content comprehension via tests). He provided to the class detailed guidance on assignments, and always made time to meet with students to discuss the course content and assignments. I note as well Dr. Ahmed successfully shifting to on-line teaching during the Fall 2020 term. Dr. Ahmed is a valued member of the Global Politics teaching team.